Spinning Wheel Types – Castle

The next type of spinning wheel I thought I’d write about is the castle wheel.  Before I started getting involved in fiber arts, imagining a castle wheel would bring about visions of the wheels in fairy tales, in a big room in the castle, where the lady of the manor would sit and spin fibers. It would be a huge wheel and had sort of an air of magic about it.

traditional wheel

The reality is quite different.  While the castle wheel is a treadle wheel, as those wheels in fairy tales are, it is not quite as grand.  As a treadle wheel, the spinner sits, using feet to manipulate the pedals which drive the wheel.  What makes a castle wheel unique is the layout of the parts of the wheel.  In a castle wheel, the spindle and flyer are located above the wheel rather than on the side.  This makes the castle wheel a more portable wheel, more compact, and easier to store.  The castle wheel, also called the upright wheel, lends itself to use in small spaces like apartments, where every inch matters.


There are many brands of castle wheels.  The castle wheel I own is an Ashford, one of the many most popular brands currently.



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