Dyeing Wool with Avocados

Recently, I experimented with avocados, after reading what a wonderful colorfast dye they make.  I decided to share my experience with you here…


First, of course, it helps to have a use for all those avocados… they have gone into some tasty recipes!  Step 1 is to take out the pits.  I kept the pits in one bag and put all the peels in the other.  I first experimented with the pits.  I have the skins started now, but that is a post for another day.


I put all the pits into my crock pot and added some water.  I let them cook down a whole day on low, then turned it off for the night but left it out, covered, on the counter.  The following morning I turned it back on low and let it simmer another day.  This helps draw out more color.


I put the wool into an alum mordant overnight to soak.  When it was time, I strained out the pits and put the avocado dye into my dyepot.  I added enough water to cover the fiber. Then I added in my fiber.


For this experiment I used some Border Leicester.  I brought the heat up to 90 degrees, then added some vinegar, and let it simmer another hour, taking care not to let it get over 200 degrees.


Lots of color!  But I didn’t stop there. I took it off the heat, and I let it sit, overnight, and all the next day, just to pick up as much color as possible.


It looked like it was going to be pretty pale when I first took it out of the dye pot.  Then I put it into some ph balanced soap for a quick warm wash.


After that, it was time for a rinse. Notice how the color had brightened!


I then hung it to air dry and this is the final result.


Who would have thought avocado pits could be so useful?  I am very happy with this color!  I have all the skins in the crockpot simmering right now, wondering what results I will get with those.  Also planning on trying the pits again with a copper mordant to see what color will result.  This is an amazingly enjoyable thing to do.  Looking forward to making something from this beautiful fiber!!

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  1. I love avocados! Thank you so much for sharing this new use!

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  2. joshblakley says:

    That’s actually really cool! Nice work

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  3. britcrawl says:

    Wow! Who knew? Beautiful color.

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