Fleece Dyeing

I do some experimenting when dyeing sometimes. Recently I decided to try out blueberries as a colorant for some fleece.  I soaked the fleece in salt water overnight.  I put some blueberries and water in a dye-pot. I heated slowly then cooked it down to bring out the color from the blueberries. Then I strained out the blueberry pulp (which was then used as a yummy spread on english muffins!).  I let the dye set overnight so everything was room temperature.  Then I put the fleece in the pot, heated slowly and let set.  Afterward it was washed and spun dry. And I ended up with the most GORGEOUS silver locks!!  Totally unexpected.  I anticipated some sort of silvery light purple but nothing like the gorgeous silvers and grey that I ended up with!!  I’ll be doing some changes to make sure it is colorfast before they get added to the shop but I am completely in love with this color right now!!

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